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  1. marian (walsh) Brady says:

    Enjoyed scrolling through your website enormously!
    Attended ‘Sacred Heart’ with my two brothers during the years ‘1949 – 1959’ (!!)
    Used to love going through the ‘underground tunnel’ into the Convent for field sports.
    Remembered ‘Miss Murphy’ as our Headmistress whose hand with the ‘cane’ was very proficient!
    Now living in Canada for the past ’50 years’ …. shall revisit your site again I know. Wondering how many students now attend Sacred Heart …
    Best wishes to all!

    • aallday.212 says:


      Lovely to here from you. I am the main keeper of the school blog and encourage the children to write as well. I also run the web site, videos and Twitter. Oh , and I also teach!

      In answer to your question we have over 400 children at the school now and it is a truly lovely school to teach in.

      We still maintain our links with the Society of the Sacred Heart and we are part of the global network of Sacred Heart schools.

      Lovely to here about the tunnel. It is still there but is now closed off.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions and I hope you don’t mind if I contact you.

      Just out of interest, where did you live when you attended the school.

      Kind regards,

      Tony Allday

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